Marathon series: Recovering after your run

Broadly speaking, most athletes are pretty lax with their recovery. You’ve completed your event, and all you want to do is get comfy on the sofa and enjoy your latest box set, or you’re looking to get straight back to training and other races. The latter is more likely to hinder your performance, limiting theContinue reading “Marathon series: Recovering after your run”

Common Running Injuries – What are they and how can I prevent them?

In the first 3 months of the UK national lockdown in 2020, the NHS saw a 92% increase in downloads for their running app “Couch to 5k” compared to the same period in 2019. As with any sport, running doesn’t come without it’s risk of injury, and with such an increase in participation it comesContinue reading “Common Running Injuries – What are they and how can I prevent them?”

Returning to training after lockdown

As lockdown restrictions are lifted and we all start to get back to a new normal, I am sure many of you will be keen to get back to the gym or sports training. For many this will be the first exercise you’ve done since lockdown, and for others it will be a greatly welcomedContinue reading “Returning to training after lockdown”