Marathon Series: The Final Week and Tapering

In the last couple of weeks before race day, focus needs to shift from increasing mileage and fitness, to maintaining the levels of you have already achieved. Giving your body the TLC it deserves in the final couple of weeks will help get you onto the starting line full of energy and ready to go.Continue reading “Marathon Series: The Final Week and Tapering”

Marathon Series: Staying injury free

Unlike last year, this year’s marathon schedule is looking much more like those which we were used to before the pandemic began. Mileage is starting to increase, and in some cases, niggling injuries are starting to set in… The benefits of listening to your body are often under-emphasised, but you need to be prepared toContinue reading “Marathon Series: Staying injury free”

Injuries in young athletes returning to sport after lockdown

Having been in and out of lockdowns for 18 months, little organised sport was able to take place, however, since restrictions were eased over the summer and popular sports such as football and rugby have returned, there has been a significant increase in the number of people being seen in clinic reporting pain and discomfortContinue reading “Injuries in young athletes returning to sport after lockdown”

Marathon series: Top Tips for Marathon Training

With the date for the London Marathon set for October 3rd 2021, and the Brighton Marathon just a few weeks earlier on September 12th 2021, first time marathon runners and veterans alike will have recently embarked on their training for the big day. But do you know where to start or how to optimise yourContinue reading “Marathon series: Top Tips for Marathon Training”

What do we really mean by your “core”?

You’ve probably heard people talking about “core strength” and “core stability”, but what really is it and what do we mean by these phrases? Many think that when we refer to the “core muscles” we are referring to the abdominals, however this isn’t all, and there is much more to your core than just havingContinue reading “What do we really mean by your “core”?”

Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage – Is it right for me?

Deep tissue massage and sports massage are two terms often used interchangeably for one another, however there is a difference between the two, but there are also a lot of similarities! Sports Massage developed from Deep Tissue techniques, and therefore can sometimes seem similar to one another. Sports Massage is an area-specific treatment that focussesContinue reading “Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage – Is it right for me?”

Common Running Injuries – What are they and how can I prevent them?

In the first 3 months of the UK national lockdown in 2020, the NHS saw a 92% increase in downloads for their running app “Couch to 5k” compared to the same period in 2019. As with any sport, running doesn’t come without it’s risk of injury, and with such an increase in participation it comesContinue reading “Common Running Injuries – What are they and how can I prevent them?”

New Year’s Resolutions and Fitness Goals

2020 has been far from a normal year for us all, and with only a few days left until the start of 2021 I am sure many of you have been busy thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. Research has found that almost two thirds of New Year’s resolutions are fitness based, and of these,Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions and Fitness Goals”

Effective Recovery After Exercise

For many of you it will be welcome news that later on this week gyms will be able to re-open, along with outdoor sport resuming. But how is it best to recover from training so that you’re ready for your next session? This blog looks at what you should be doing to help look afterContinue reading “Effective Recovery After Exercise”